From Crust to Mantle to Core

“47,700 elephants balanced on your head”- the colloquial unit for depicting the pressure at the center of the earth. Through a simple, yet thorough virtual excavation, BBC Future takes you on a fascinating journey to the center of the earth- 6,370,000 meters below ground- spotting on the way the mole borrows just 0.7 meters below ground, or the deepest hand-dug well (392 meters), or the earth’s diamond factory located 150,000 meters below earth. At the same time, you can also reach 11,000 meters to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean known as the Mariana Trench- the deepest point of any water body on Earth, sighting on the way critters such as the Giant Pacific octopus, just 100 meters below sea, or the European eel, 700 meters below sea. Either way, you are in for a ride!


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